TrxAVR-Picastar - download page  
Hobcat v1.203  TrxAVR-Picastar v1.83   Encoders8 v1.11
(TfteDIPTFT43A.df (flash) version is 1.25      TftA version 2.30)

Release notes - please read (includes change in TrxAVR 1.81 / Hobcat 1.202)
The previous versions were updated for Star 4 SNR in June 2015
(Changes at that time included essential DSP loading changes by Jonathon, GW2HFR)
The new versions are fully compatible with Star 6 - but work fine with Star 4.

**** Studio 7 programming with AVRISP2 programmer.
The speed defaults to a slow 250kHz. Use the 'interface'tab - set 2Mhz and click set
(it forgets this - so you have to do it every time)
Studio 7 programming corrupts DSP sequence. DDS reset only possible by power up (Picastar DDS feature)
- so power cycle needed after programming.

**** With Trxavr 1.81 or 1.83 installed, Hobcat will not load DSP code correctly to EEPROM.
Fix: temporarily program trxavr_175.hex, load DSP code - test Reprogram trxavr_183.hex.

Minor bug fixes and refining of labelling for Star

QRP/QRO indicator on screen - this shows the DSP 2.2 status (0 = QRP, 1 = QRO)
The indicator and switching refer to CW only .... including CQ carrier insertion on SSB.
There are now soft buttons options controlling DSP 2.2 :
- cwQRO, cwQRP and cwQRO/cqQRP toggle (suggest assigning for Rx AND Tx touchpad)

All AVR code has been rebuilt to compile with Atmel Studio 7 (free download - need to register)
Studio 7 works with Windows 10 64bit. It is better and faster. WINAVR is not required.
(I could not make Studio 4 work with my Window 10 machines ... and that's all I have!)
- Encoders8 1.11 is functionality no different .. so no need to pull your rig to pieces to program it.
(I pulled my rig to pieces to test it on your behalf!!!)


Hobcat's built in check for update: - With Windows 10 you need to run as administrator.

Monochrome displays (320x240, 128x64 and LCD) I have made no changes for these.
I still have a test rig but had great difficulty (having brushed off the dust) getting it to work.
If anyone has specific issues with these displays, then send me details .. + photos and I will attempt
to sort the problem ...providing you agree to be a test site!!!

Bug fixes RTC block removed. Some USB timing problems fixed.

Download section

HobcatSetup.exe  - Hobcat installer/updater: Also loads TRxAVR-Picastar hardware data and code
(Installs latest TftA.hex and TftA.df at time of build - but check for latest on TftA_Central group )

Hobcat source code - needs Delphi 6 + Developer Express Grids and Raize Components to compile

Mprog    - FTDI USB configuation utlity for FT245R USBchip

WINAVR    - C compilier for Atmel AVR microprocessors - not needed for Atmel Studio 7

Atmel Studio 7  - Developer desktop - compiler & programmer for TrxAVR, Encoders8, TftA etc

QBasic 4.5    QBasic - runs in a MSDOS window. Needed for G3XJP's *.BAS utilities.

Note that HobcatSetup.exe will always distribute the latest TrxAVR-Picastar code
- but TrxAVR-Picastar may move to new version with Hobcat changing
- if so then you need to download TrxAVR-Picastar code separately from the linka below:     One file - but zipped to stop it downloading as hexadecimal text !!   Folder for programming eDIPTFT43_APT colour TFT flash (use TfteDIPTFT43A.df)     Folder for programming TftA colour TFT flash (use TftA.df).    contains version 2.27 TftA AtXmega128 hex code. (TftA.hex)
Check for latest on TftA_Central group

trxavreemem.ini    Locate in your \TrxAVR (\Star2B) folder. This is a suggested default.
                     Do not replace your existing file unless you need to.

TestPortsCD - a tiny ATmega2560 utility to cycle ports C and D as outputs if the USB link isn't working.

Ponyprog  - a serial programmer if you don't want to buy an Atmel AVRISP2 USB programmer

Ham radio deluxe
TrxAVR-Picastar layout file: hrd_layout_trxavr_picastar.txt

(click Customise, then Load this file then Apply )

Hardware schematics and layouts (these are also distributed by HobcatSetup.exe)

PDF files

TrxAVR-A layout
TrxAVR_A schematic
TrxAVR_A top copper
TrxAVR-A bottom copper

Encoders8 -  layout
Encoders8 -  schematic
Encoders8 -  top copper
Encoders8 -  bottom copper

EA320 motherboard  -  layout
EA320 motherboard  -  schematic
EA320 motherboard  -  top copper
EA320 motherboard  -  bottom copper

18 buttons board  -  layout
18 buttons board  -  schematic
18 buttons board  -  rear layout
18 buttons board  - top copper
18 buttons board  - bottom copper


PCB files    -- needs download of free installation of Pad2Pad

TrxAVR-A layout
TrxAVR_A schematic

Encoders8 -  layout
Encoders8 -  schematic

EA320 motherboard  -  layout
EA320 motherboard  -  schematic

18 buttons board  -  layout
18 buttons board  -  schematic

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