From Gerard Sexton

I have purchased and used the following displays:

320*240 White on Blue with LED backlight (no touch screen) from SureElectronics
(part: DE-LM213) (
This is US$67.99 plus shipping (either FedEx at about US$25 or Hong Kong Post at US$11).
Good service from these people and the display is bright and clear.
Can also be purchased from their eBay store.

320*240 Black(ish) on White with LED backlight and touch screen from CrystalFontz
(part: CFAG320240CX-TFH-TTS) (
This is US$122.21. I do not find this screen as bright as the white on blue, but it does work well.

320*240 White on Blue with LED backlight (no touch screen) from CrystalFontz
(part: CFAG320240CX-TMI-T) (
This is US$104.86. Similar to the SureElectronics display – maybe not quite as bright?
As I purchased both CrystalFontz displays together the combined shipping cost was US$47 via FedEx.

I also obtained some 5.7 inch touch screens from iiiC Electronic Components.
They were US11.77 each plus postage of US$7 (combined postage for all 3 screens).
I found them in their eBay store where they are combined with a USB touch screen controller
but as I did not want the controller I sent an email and they arranged for shipping only the screens.
The email address that I have used for most communication with them is (Katie Li)
though the initial contact was through I had a problem with 2 of the screens having
some damage when they arrived, but I contacted them and they promptly sent out 2 replacement screens.
They also have a range of different size touch screens that can be purchased – check out the list in the eBay link above.

The touch screens were glued onto the non touch screen displays and appear to work well.

I had no issues using these displays with the EA320 board – just made up an appropriate cable to connect each one.
I had to alter the resistors for the LED backlight current and also the contrast circuit to suit the displays.
And appropriate resistors for the touch screens.

Gerard (vk3cg/vk3grs)